program overview


Open Spaces is bringing life and animation to previously empty storefronts through dynamic and vibrant installations of art, light and tech.


Through a partnership with The Lyndhurst Foundation, River City Company provided funding for approved installation proposals.


The program covers 30-40 ground level windows in City Center reaching from 6th Street to 8th Street and Market Street to Broad Street.

If interested in sponsoring a window, please contact Paige Southard at psouthard@rivercitycompany.comor 423-265-3700.

image description

Activating City Center one storefront at a time.

In our ever expanding city, we have seen each district develop its own personality. City Center is beginning to lay groundwork for their own identity, and Open Spaces will ideally aid in its revival and sustainability as a destination. Open Spaces windows will create a bridge between the Southside and Riverfront allowing people to move through the district in an inviting and comfortable setting.